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Writing Good Headlines

Headline writing for the web

Some of the most important words a journalist will write for the web are the headline. A headline has always been very important for print media. It is vitally important for the web. Because headlines appear in lists as links rather than with the body of the story, they are the reader’s first introduction to a story. If they do not sell the reader immediately, the reader is unlikely to click on the link to go to the story. Read the rest of this entry


Rules to live by in the digital information age

This first infographic contains the rules that Set F came up with:

Set F Golden Rules

And this one contains what Set E came up with:

Set E infographic

As you can see, the sentences got shuffled around – so it’s not completely sensical, but you get the idea.

In case you’re interested, I built this “wordcloud” using a free online application called Wordle.

If you want to see the original words and sentences that your groups came up with, here they are:

SET F Golden Rules

Set E Golden Rules