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The Mulin Blog: another Digital Journalism Blog

Originally posted: Feb 27, 2014

With a ton of helpful topics, you want this blog on your favourites bar:

How to shoot video with your iphone
Drone videography
Mobile journalism production tips
How to host a Twitter chat- and more.


Mobile Reporting Tools for Journalists

What does mobile journalism mean, exactly?

Aren’t journalists by nature constantly on the run?

Yes, but in this case we’re talking about using mobile devices to gather news, report news, post news, and FIND news.

Wikipedia defines Mobile Reporting as such:

“Mobile Reporting is a trend emerging in the field of news and content generation.[1][2] The term describes the use of a mobile phone as a reporting tool. The user creates text, photo and video that combined produces a multimedia based report. The content is edited on the phone before being uploaded to the internet via mobile network or Internet connection.[3] Usually mobile reporting is used for publishing to the web.[4] This is particularly the case with video as the technology does not yet allow for the production of high end video. However, the low quality is suitable for Internet. Read the rest of this entry

Infographics are stories too…


Originally published: Feb 17, 2014 / Updated Feb 24, 2015

Even if you never build your own infographic, or have two left thumbs when it some to stats, data, and graphic design, you still want to know what people are talking about when it comes up in an editorial meeting.  There are quite a few applications to create your own infographics, including:,,,, and

For an overview as it applies to journalism, check out this project link via the Knight Foundation and Stanford University. Even though this was made four years ago, it sill applies and gives you a good overview of the history.

The videos are split into segments, and about an hour in total. Well worth the time to watch in it’s entirely, and each section comes with more links and information to help you get up to speed.


Multimedia stories that will blow your mind

Originally posted: Feb 13, 2014 / Updates: Feb 24, 2015

We’re on a roll now, I just found this incredible  open Google Doc started by Bobbie Johnson. The document  lists hundreds of multimedia stories, such as tThe Dangers of Fracking , The Drug That Never Lets Go, and Glitter In The Dark. Read the rest of this entry

Following trends in digital journalism, some links…

We should all be following a few sites daily to keep up with trends in digital and social media, especially as it pertains to the field of journalism:

Start to form this one good career habit now: spend at least one hour a week reviewing what’s new in digital, social and mobile media trends.

Even better, spend 15 minutes everyday.

Here are a few links to get you started. Some have newsletters and alerts that you can sign up for to help get you forming this new habit:

Mashable is a British-American news website, technology and social media blog founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005.

A project of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard, the  Nieman Journalism Lab calls itself an -attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age.

And this article out of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism has numerous links to numerous  multimedia story sites, and many other resources.

This Interactive Narratives blog has some great links to multimedia journalism.


Success stories in digital journalism

Today in Tabs is a daily e-newsletter recently  bought by Newsweek (

Today in Tabs is a daily e-newsletter recently bought by Newsweek (

These days it’ snot hard to become an internet sensation. Case in point, an unknown computer programmer recently  had his daily email newsletter bought by Newsweek.

There are a few take-aways from the Neiman Lab article about Rusty Foster, the man behind “Today In Tabs”.

First of all, anyone can start their own e-newsletter though a new application called TinyLetter.

Secondly, writing is still in and email is making a comeback.

Finally, community continues to be the buzzword in digital journalism.

Using Polldaddy to create a social media poll

So I tested Pollsnack to day to see if I could embed a poll here.

No luck, but then I realized that this blog has a built-in option to build polls using PollDaddy