Multimedia stories that will blow your mind

Originally posted: Feb 13, 2014 / Updates: Feb 24, 2015

We’re on a roll now, I just found this incredible  open Google Doc started by Bobbie Johnson. The document  lists hundreds of multimedia stories, such as tThe Dangers of Fracking , The Drug That Never Lets Go, and Glitter In The Dark.

I got the link from a  Berkeley article written by Paul Grabowicz, which I referred to in a previous post, (update Feb 2015: but is no longer available online.)

What I did find when I hit the article link was a new page on the Multimedia Storytelling Institute 2015, at the Berkeley Grad School of Journalism. This is an intensive two-week seminar taking place June 15th to 26th, 2015.

Mindy McAdams is a journalist and professor teaching online journalism at the University of Florida. She posted a cheatsheet for jorunalsist to refer to when deciding how to cover a story. Because in the world of multiple platforms, it’s no longer enough to simply know what your hook is. You have to know which medium  is the best one to use when covering your story. The article was written in 2008, but it’s still relevant.


About Anna Kalfa

Anna teaches Digital Journalism at BCIT in Vancouver, BC. She is fascinated with the future of journalism, and the intersection between information and technology as the industry makes leaps and bounds into the digital age.

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