Infographics are stories too…


Originally published: Feb 17, 2014 / Updated Feb 24, 2015

Even if you never build your own infographic, or have two left thumbs when it some to stats, data, and graphic design, you still want to know what people are talking about when it comes up in an editorial meeting.  There are quite a few applications to create your own infographics, including:,,,, and

For an overview as it applies to journalism, check out this project link via the Knight Foundation and Stanford University. Even though this was made four years ago, it sill applies and gives you a good overview of the history.

The videos are split into segments, and about an hour in total. Well worth the time to watch in it’s entirely, and each section comes with more links and information to help you get up to speed.



About Anna Kalfa

Anna teaches Digital Journalism at BCIT in Vancouver, BC. She is fascinated with the future of journalism, and the intersection between information and technology as the industry makes leaps and bounds into the digital age.

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