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Final Project Assignment Criteria and Deadlines

Final Assignment = 45%

With your radio documentary partner, you will create a multimedia web/blog page that is a blog report of their full-length radio doc development, production and final product.

  1. Project Proposal: 5%

Submit a written outline that includes the following:

  • A brief summary of your radio documentary (150 words max).
  • Include project name idea(s) for your blog and your social media hashtags.
  • Which social and digital media you intend to use. i.e. Twitter (MANDATORY), Facebook, Snapchat, ScribbleLive, Instagram, Crowdmaps, etc.
  • Proposal outlining how you will document the production of your documentary, blog, articles, off-shoot articles, videos, graphics, maps, polls etc.
  1. 1st Stage: 10% Due March 2/5th

This stage of the project entails you showing that you have set up your project website/blog page, and also your social media hashtag/feed for promoting the project and its subject matter.

Send me a link to your project website which will contain at the minimum, the following information:


  • Project title.
  • header photo
  • Bios and photos of both producers.
  • About Page: Background article on the documentary, main characters, summary of the radio documentary project, etc. (200-300 words)
  • 2-3 photos
  • One other digital/social/multimedia element. (poll, map, infographic, etc)

2nd Stage: 10% Due March 16/19th

Send me a link to your project website which will contain at the minimum, the following information:

  • One-on-one / or via email to discuss your project and review website.
  • On your website and on your social media accounts there must be demonstrable activity of the project, at the minimum:
  • 1-2 videos (max: 30 – 2:00 minutes in length) of your doc production in action. Photos of interesting developments. Must have proper captions and courtesies.
  • Minimum of 2 blog posts.
  • links to relevant information, sites, articles, etc
  1. Final Project: 20% Due March 30/April 2nd
  • Wrap Article telling the story of the journey to tell the story with proper headline, sub-headings. (500 to 1000 words)
  • Audio slide-show applied to doc incorporating photos, and/or video. Must include captions (lower thirds for relevant people, places and dates), a title page and closing credits.

Podcasting Tips

Basic Elements of a podcast:

Podcasts are like your own Internet radio show, with music (from iTunes or elsewhere), pictures, sound effects, video, or some combination of these. Fans can find your podcasts on podcast apps, and subscribe to receive them regularly: Read the rest of this entry

Blogging Tips

A really good start to finish guide for how to set up your first blog is this downloadable guide: The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging. Read the rest of this entry