Podcasting Tips

Basic Elements of a podcast:

Podcasts are like your own Internet radio show, with music (from iTunes or elsewhere), pictures, sound effects, video, or some combination of these. Fans can find your podcasts on podcast apps, and subscribe to receive them regularly:

  • Have a set time you publish every day, week or month.
  • Decide on the style: it is conversational, newsy, 1 host, 2 hosts?
  • Guests? Different guest each week? Or ?
  • Topic is important. Don’t do something that everyone else is doing: or if you do, find an original way to do it.
  • Theme music, stingers, sound effects.

Three podcast networks that are gaining huge popularity:

Infinite Guest by American Public Media

Soundworks by Public Radio International

Radiotopia  by PRX (Public Radio Exchange)

Take a listen to some of the many podcasts available to get an idea of how it’s done.

Another good resource is the information on the apple site, Making a Podcast.


About Anna Kalfa

Anna teaches Digital Journalism at BCIT in Vancouver, BC. She is fascinated with the future of journalism, and the intersection between information and technology as the industry makes leaps and bounds into the digital age.

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