About This Course

BCST 2240 Digital Journalism

Winter 2014 / Room SE10-234

Section E: Mondays 13:30 – 16:30

Section F: Thursdays 12:30 – 15:20

January 6th/10th to April 14/17

Instructor: Anna Kalfa (Mon)

E-mail: anna_kalfa@bcit.ca
Office: SE10 – 146
Office hours: Mondays by appointment
Office phone:  (NOTE: I do not have an office number, please communicate via email only).

Instructor: Christine German (Thurs)

E-mail: christine_german@bcit.ca
Office: SE10 – 146
Office hours: TBC
Office phone: 604-432-8821

Students will work in groups to create a multimedia journalism website focused on a designated topic. The website will incorporate video audio, text, photography, and social media. The content will demonstrate critical thinking in journalism.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Develop original news stories for multi-platform applications
  • Work effectively in a group to create an online news and information project
  • Assess ethical and legal issues specifically for online postings
  • Apply industry standards to writing, video, and audio production and photojournalism for the web.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of news and information websites.
  • Effectively utilize and integrate social media in news coverage.


Social Media Presentations in pairs– 15%

Interactive storytelling Assignment (individual)– 10%

Digital Newsroom Lab in-class participation – 30%

Final Assignment: Total 45%:

Project Proposal  – 5%

1st Stage of Website – 10%

Second Stage of site – 10%

Final Project:– 20%


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